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We represent thousands of drivers from across alberta

We are highly experienced in defending traffic tickets, keeping demerits off your licence, and representing your interests through the duration of your involvement with the court system. We look after and protect your interests and your rights through personal and professional representation. Achieving success for you, our client, is our mission.

Provincial Traffic Laws

We specialize in all traffic matters and have been defending people like you successfully in the Province of Alberta and across Canada for 20 years. We can rescue you from demerits, insurance increases, and driver’s licence suspensions. We are experts in dealing with Graduated Driver Licence charges. We acquire disclosure to understand what the police claim as evidence. Our experts in this business include our senior agent with many years’ experience as a RCMP police officer. Call for your free consultation, and we will discuss your traffic ticket and how we can keep your licence demerit-free.

Minor Criminal Matters

Agents are not lawyers. We can represent anyone that is charged summarily with an offence that does not have a penalty (jail time) over 6 months. Some examples are minor thefts and assaults. Check with us—the first consultation is free—and, if necessary, we can refer you to a lawyer.

Impaired Driving

Charged with impaired driving or dangerous driving? We can help. A conviction of either of these charges will result in a lengthy suspension of your driver’s licence, a substantial fine, insurance increases for five years, and even jail time. Make your problem ours. Call us, we are always willing to help good people like you through a difficult time.

Youth Matters

Parents, if your son or daughter commits a driving offence, don’t say that he or she deserves to face the consequences and have them plead guilty. You, as parent, may also be held responsible. A conviction by the courts against a GDL driver may impact the parents’ insurance. When a GDL driver receives a traffic ticket, he or she should check to see the impact the charge will have against their licence and their insurance. A GDL driver's licence is suspended when they reach 8 demerit points. Insurance increases may follow each conviction. GDL drivers also receive a 30-day suspension of their licence for having drugs or alcohol in their system. Contact us promptly to discuss whether an appeal to the Alberta Transportation Safety Board may be in order. Call us for a free consultation.

Civil Matters

We have represented many people like you in small claims court. For claimants, we can start an action and carry it through mediation and on to trial. For defendants, we can file a defence and follow it through mediation and on to trial. Don’t be afraid to explore small claims as a means of solving a problem. Call us.

Alberta Transportation Safety Board Appearances

You may have received a letter to appear before the Alberta Transportation Safety Board to have your licence reinstated or further suspended. We can help. There are many different approaches to your meeting with the Alberta Transportation Safety Board, and we know many of them. Don’t go before the board to conduct a hearing on your own, because the Alberta Transportation Safety Board is not a court of law and does not work on reasonable doubt, but works only the balance of probabilities and in the best interest of the motoring public. You need to be prepared. We have an excellent track record in helping people just like you, with the reinstatement of their driver’s licences. Call us to discuss your appearance before the Alberta Transportation Safety Board. We can help. Alcohol licence suspensions for all classes of drivers, including GDL drivers, can be appealed at the Alberta Transportation Safety Board in Calgary or Edmonton. Not all appeals are successful, but we have many years’ experience saving people from suspension, and our track record is excellent. Call us to determine if you should appeal the 90-day driving suspension for impaired driving or the 30-day possession suspension for GDL drivers. Why serve a suspension if you do not have to? Call us for a free consultation to discuss your unique situation. If your vehicle is seized because of suspended driver’s licence, you may have grounds to appeal to the Alberta Transportation Safety Board to have your vehicle released early. If your vehicle is seized after you lend it to someone whose licence is suspended, call us. Again, we can help.

Lawyer Referrals

We have lawyers that have worked with us for years, who can help with access to justice at a reasonable cost. We are happy to arrange a referral for you to one of our trusted experienced lawyers.


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Demerit Point Schedule:

  • Failing to remain at the scene of an accident. 7 Points
  • Careless driving - Racing. 6 Points
  • Exceeding Speed limit by more than 50 km/h. 6 Points
  • Failing to stop for a school bus. 6 Points
  • Failing to stop for a peace officer. 5 Points
  • Failing to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk. 4 Points
  • Following too closely. 4 Points
  • Exceeding speed limit by more than 30 km/h. 4 Points
  • Driving left of center. 3 Points
  • Driving wrong way on a one-way highway. 3 Points
  • Exceeding speed limit by more than 15 km/h 3 Points
  • Improper turns, Traffic lane violation. 2 Points
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